About The Blog

Oh, Hello!

Thanks for checking out my blog! As you may have already guessed this blog is all about exploring the places and people that make up our world. But not only that, it’s about exploring the different nuances that make up everyday life. Things like food, and how it relates to our culture and identity; things like monumental places and how that’s shaped our societies; things like interesting news that occur daily in places where we don’t necessarily know much about.

The purpose is to tell stories that shed light on different aspects of this place we call “home.” A home that sometimes feels isolating and indifferent towards the people that live in it. Through stories and exploration, I truly believe we can better understand not only others, but ourselves as well. 

This blog is more for me than anything else. It’s my attempt to try and understand the places we live in and the people we live it with. I’m not an expert, but merely a person who wants to learn and connect. And what I hope is that through what I share, I – and maybe you – will see the similarities between all of us.

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Be please be kind and considerate of anything you post. While comments and feedback are encouraged, hateful remarks or images of any kind will be taken off immediately. Please exercise good judgement.

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