About Betty

Oh, Hello!

My name is Betty Kim. I’m currently a post-graduate student studying public relations and communications in Toronto, ON. Before my post-graduate studies, I worked with some wonderful NGOs in Toronto doing a lot of different things for some wonderful causes. Before working, I studied English for my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Before I knew how complicated the adult world was, I dreamt of becoming William Miller from Almost Famous.

While I still sheepishly hold on to that dream, I have now steered my focus to the world of communications. I’ve come to realize that communications can be a great tool for creating awareness, acceptance, and understanding in an increasingly complicated world. Knowing this, my goal is to become a communications professional that brings value to everything I do and create. For me communications is about thinking strategically, creating content that’s thoughtful and worth reading, all the while finding stories behind the idea.

If you have a story, I’d love to hear it. If you’re looking to tell a story, I’d love to help you develop it!

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