A Little Taco Goes a Long Way

If there was ever a food that was incredibly messy, overwhelming satisfy, and bargain cheap, it’s the taco. But how did the taco first come to be? And how did it eventually turn into Taco Bell?

The tacos pictured above are from Seven Lives in Kensington Market, Toronto. Some of the best tacos in the city.

Started from the bottom..of a taco spoon

Sometime between 1,000 and 500 B.C, the taco was invented as a kind of edible spoon (and if you think about it now, spoons and tacos essentially serve the same purpose: holding an over-stacked pile of food, for which you shove into your pie hole).  From there, it evolved into a taco frenzy…

Please look to this infographic from Fine Dining Lovers and Forkling for a detail account of the taco.


Echarse un taco

What is the importance of tacos? Like most foods, tacos are rich with historical and cultural importance. It is a cuisine that is intimately integrated within Mexican society. According to an article by NPR, titled “‘Tacopedia’: A Mouth-Watering Tour of Mexico’s Taco Culture,”

“Mexicans eat them so often that the expression echarse un taco, to grab a taco, is synonymous with eating,” they write. The phrase Le echas mucha crema a tus tacos, or “You add a lot of sour cream to your tacos,” means that someone thinks a bit too highly of himself.

If you still need more tacos…


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