10 Podcasts to Make You Smarter and More Insightful

I promise you when I say this, listening to podcasts will bring so much value into your life! Podcasts are a great way to fill those moments of what feels like “wasted time” (on the transit ride, waiting in traffic, cleaning the house) with stories of insight and perspective. Here are some that top my list:

Journalism and News

BBC’s Global News Podcast – There’s a whole world out there – get updates on news that happen outside of your own environment.
Updated daily twice a day.

Reveal – Investigative reporting at its best. Think Spotlight, the audio-version.
Updated every Saturday.
My pick: Deadly Waters (but really, all)

Economy 101

Planet Money –  Economy explained in a way that someone, who knows crap about the economy, can understand and enjoy.
Updated every Wednesday and Friday.
My pick: The Man Who Sued Iran

Freakonomics – Smart guys who explain and give insights into things about everyday life and human nature.
Updated every Wednesday.
My pick: Why are we still using cash?

BBC’s 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy – The name pretty much sums it up. Only 9 minutes each, but super informative.
Updated every Friday. 
My pick: Google

Love & Relationships

Modern Love – From the New York Times column, personal essays written by people just like you, about love and all that it encompasses. Read aloud by famous people.
Updated every Tuesday. 
My pick: Groomzilla (read by John Cho – woo John Cho!)

Why oh Why – Can I be friends with Andrea Silenzi, host and creator of Why oh Why? Open, smart and funny – Andrea makes you think so much more deeply about love and relationships than you ever could on your own.
Updated every Monday. 
My pick: Do I hate men?


Note to Self – Changed the way I look at the relationship between technology and humans.
Updated every Wednesday. 
My pick: Saving Big Data From Itself

Society, culture, science and everything in between

Radio lab –  The podcast that got me hooked on all other podcasts. From science, culture, history, to everything else, Radiolab covers it all. There’s not an episode that hasn’t held my attention from beginning to end. Amazing sound editing.
Updated every one – three weeks. 
My pick: The Rhino Hunter (but really, all).

BBC’s The Documentary – Can you tell I love the BBC? The Documentary covers stories and events that occur in all parts of the world. Both insightful and interesting, this podcast helps me understand what’s going on, on the other side of the globe.
Updated almost daily. 
My pick: Siege at the Holey Artisan Bakery


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