Police on strike in Brazil; Toxin found in deep water crustaceans; 2 suicide bomber attacks in Pakistan

Here’s what you might have missed this week in the world: 
In Brazil700 police officers on strike has “left a security vacuum and left rampant assaults, heists and looting.” More than 12 people have died this past week.
In Saudi Arabia – Vision 2030 sees a transition into economic and social reform. Country hosted its first comic con convention on Thursday.
In Lahore, Pakistan – A suicide bomber kills 13 among a crowd of protesters, demonstrators, police and journalists.
In Sehwan, Pakistan – Second suicide bomber kills 70 in Sufi shrine.
In the Pacific OceanHigh levels of toxin chemicals banned in the 1970s found in small crustaceans deep in the pacific ocean.  Signs that every pollutant humans have created is permanent.
In Hong KongFourth case of school children committing suicide. Possibly due to stress of heavy work load.
In Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, and South Sudan – World Food Programme says 20 million are on the brink of famine within 6 months.



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