Here’s a brief update on what you might have missed this week:
In Northumbria, Northeast England – Domestic violence is down 60 per cent thanks to a new pilot program* initiated by the police. Instead of making arrests, offenders must agree to engage in a domestic abuse program (i.e. help deal with anger management). It’s reported that 61 per cent of those in the program are not reoffended.
*from BBC Global News Podcast – starts at 12:16
In Somalia – A new president has been elected, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.
In Australia – Over 4,000 claims of sexual abuse have been reported against the Catholic Church between 1989 – 2015.
South Africa – In what is called “toilet valley”, over 700 toilets are without homes. After corruption and mismanagement with contractors, South Africans have been waiting for nearly three years for the ANC government to build them houses – all they have are toilets without houses.
Taiwan – Numerous reports of sexual assault and abuse among female migrant workers who were brought to Taiwan to work.
All news first heard on BBC Global News Podcast. If you want to say up to date on current world news and issues, I suggest subscribing – it’s how I’m in the know! 



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